Lucidlure is a natural skincare and beauty company where our products speak for themselves. But, if you want us to put it in words for you…

Daily bathing and skincare rituals should be savoured, and what better way to relax and release the tension in your hectic routine than to pamper yourself with our luxurious, good-enough-to-eat, Lucidlure products! Utilising a combination of essential vitamins, minerals and botanicals, they draw on the power of nature to leave your skin and hair looking an feeling optimally healthy.

All our products are hand-made and hand-filled in small batches using only natural, unrefined and organic ingredients and nothing is tested on animals – just willing humans.

Created with

Natural ingredients, plant-based food grade cold pressed oils, steamed distilled therapeutic grade essential oils, GMO- Free, recyclable and reusable packaging and many certified organic ingredients.

Created without

Synthetic ingredients, animal ingredients, prabens, chemicals, artificial colorants/dyes, unnatural preservatives, fillers, animal testing, mineral oils, petroleum.

Our labelling

All our products are hand labelled.

Whilst abiding by EU laws (that ingredients must be listed in their INCL name), we want to keep things as simple as possible for you. For example, olive oil is Olea Europea and Lavender oil is Olea Lavendua Augustifoila.

They may sound like a foreign language and things that you haven’t heard of before but they really are the natural super-line products you hear about everyday. We have to list the compounds in essential oils separately too, therefore, a product with three or four ingredients in it may have five or six things listed on the label. for example, we have to write Linlool with Lavender oil.

And now, its time to relax with Lucidlure.

You’re in safe hands… please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any concerns or questions. we are more than happy to assist you.