Organic Face Cloth

Perfect for cleansing the face and taking off mask and other facial treatments. 25cm × 25cm (10″ x 10″)

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Organic Face Cloth

What’s best about it…

Dries much quicker than a regular face cloth and is hence more hygienic. Organic face cloth gently exfoliates and leaves skin super soft and smooth.

How best to use it…

When used along side our natural products, it can greatly help to make your cleansing experience more beneficial and due to a more netted texture, this cloth gently exfoliates skin whilst cleansing. Can be machine washed up to 90 degrees but to avoid some natural shrinkage, wash at a lower temperature for a few washes first.

The beautiful ingredients…

100% Organic.
Made from undyed, unbleached and a reassuringly natural material. Soil associated certified.
Size: 25cm × 25cm (10″ x 10″)

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 160 x 60 x 20 mm

25cm x 25cm


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